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The ES4A


Electronic Switch

The ES4A is the original ES4 which has been renamed to distinguish it from the ES4B. The ES4A is an electronic switching unit intended for use in radio controlled models. Each of the four switches switch can be configured for either momentary or latched (or memory) mode. Switches 1 and 2 are low current switches while switches 3 and 4 are high current switches.

To view the ES4A online user's manual, click here

The Diagnostic Light Emitting Diode (LED)

The LED provides the user with a visual indication of the state of the ES4. This is useful when adjusting the unit and also for troubleshooting problems in your R/C system. It is capable of displaying 3 different colors.

ES4 (A and B) Specifications - Switches 1 and 2

ES4 (A and B)
Specifications - Switches 3 and 4

ES4 (A and B) Specifications - Control Section

ES4 (A and B) Specifications - General

The ES4B


On the ES4B switches 1 and 2 can be configured for either latched mode or a special mode. On switch 1 the special mode is a Morse code flasher. On switch 2 the special mode is a 1 second flasher (1/4 second on, 3/4 second off). Switches 3 and 4 operate exactly the as on the ES4A. The electrical and physical specs. are the same as the ES4A.

Code Messages ( more to come later):

  1. The "Anti-submarine Warfare" version, contains the message "UNDERWATER CONTACT BEARING RED 050; ATTACKING", order ES4B-ASW for this version.


Dual Relay Board (DRB)

Dual Relay Board

Allows forward and reverse motor control. Connects to 2 of the switches on the ES4. When one switch is activated the motor spins in one direction, when the other switch is activated the motor spins in the opposite direction. Available with 5 or 12 volt coils. Contacts are rated at 2 amps, 220 volts maximum.

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