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 We are discontinuing motor our motors sales, all motors must go. Prices have been cut by 60% or more, all sales final.

Canadian Customers Only: Free shipping on orders valued at $20 (US Dollars) or more (I will send a Paypal refund). HST or GST is included in the price, no additional taxes will be added at checkout. 

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Stature Electric Motor

Sold Out!

A giant 5 pole motor, capable of putting out 1/8 horsepower in continuous operation. Made in the USA by Stature Electric Inc.. Has ball bearings and is very quiet.

For 6 or 7.2 volts, use our SCO-10 speed control with this motor.
For 12 volts, use our SCO-20 speed control with this motor.

Pittman 8224C-106-R5 Motor

Pittman Motor

A seven-pole skewed armature motor, made in the USA.  Comes complete with ferrite bead for RF suppression and 8" wire leads.

Matsushita Coreless Motor

Sold Out!

Matsushita Motor

Matsushita coreless motor, made in Japan. Highly efficient, an excellent motor for any small model where battery space is limited and long run time is desired. Comes complete with RF suppression capacitor and 8" wire leads.

One SCT Mk2 - 1 speed control  can handle up to 2 motors.

Molon CMO-1237 Motor

Only 1 Left!


A 5 pole motor, comes complete with RF suppression capacitor. This Chinese made motor is a clone of the popular Mabuchi RS-385. 

One SCT Mk2-6.6 Smartcontrol can handle up to 2 motors.

RS555 Motor


Mabuchi Motor

RS-555PH made by Mabuchi in China. Works well with 6 to 12 volt batteries. A pair of these motors could easily power a 1/96 scale cruiser or large destroyer. A 5 pole motor with R. F. suppression capacitor included. Has flattened shaft.

One SCT Mk2-6.6 Smartcontrol can handle up to 2 motors.


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