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Price List - Nov/2015  (In US or Canadian $)
* * Model * * * * * * * * * * * Comments and Notes * * * * * * * Price  
SCO-30 Optically Isolated Smartcontrol, 30 amp, with case (see note 1) 99.99 
SCO-10 Mk2 Optically Isolated Smartcontrol, with case, 10 amps (note 1) 66.99 
SCO-20 Mk2 Optically Isolated Smartcontrol, with case, 20 amps (note 1) 72.99 
SCO10/20  Bracket mounted - call or email for a quote CALL 
ES4A, ES4B Electronic Switch (note 1) 36.99 
DRB Dual Relay Board (note 3) 16.99 
OPTION 1 24 volt option on SCO 10 or 20 5.00  
OPTION 2 Battery Pack Connector for SCO or SCT 1.99  
SCT Mk2 Tiny Smartcontrol with Case (note 1 & 2) 49.99 
SCT Mk2 Tiny Smartcontrol without Case (note 1 & 2) 44.99 
Mix-Amp Mixer-Amplifier with speaker 79.99 
SPB 1G Discontinued - Sold out NA 
VR1 Fixed Voltage Regulator 11.99  
VRX Adjustable Voltage Regulator 14.99  
VRS Switching Voltage Regulator 14.99  
FUT Optional Genuine Futaba Receiver Connector 1.99  
ADAPTER Adaptor Cable, with Deans connector 8.50  
JUMPERS Package of 5 1.25  
SENSE-RES 50 milliohm Sense Resistor 2.50  


  1. Old-style Airtronics wiring for receiver connector is available upon request.
  2. Standard limit currents are 1, 2, 4 and 6.6 amps. Other limits are available, call or e-mail for a quote..
  3. Specify 5 volt or 12 volt relays.

Shipping Charges - For the United States and Canada

Minimum shipping/handling charge is $12. Most small orders of 1 or 2 items can shipped for the minimum charge (exception, the Mixer Amplifier, see next paragraph). For larger orders call or email for a shipping quote.

Due to the weight of the speaker, the minimum shipping/handling charge for one Mixer-Amplifier is $20. For larger orders call or email for a shipping quote.

Payment - US and Canadian Customers

Cheque or money order payable to EA Electronics, a money order is much quicker. Ontario residents add 13% HST. For other Canadian provinces add HST or GST as it applies to your province.

Important Notice about US Postal Money Orders

Credit Card Orders

Because of the increasing popularity of PayPal(tm) credit card orders are becoming less and less frequent. It has become uneconomical to pay the monthly fees to keep my merchant credit card account open. Sorry for the inconvenience but we no longer accept credit cards.

Orders by E-Mail

You can send us payment by E-mail using your PayPal account. Send payments to:


Shipping Information - Other Countries

E-mail for quote on shipping charges before ordering.

Payment - Other Countries

Money order or bank draft in US funds payable to EA Electronics, we do not accept personal cheques from banks outside the US and Canada. Visa or PayPal payments are OK.

Send payment to:

E. A. Electronics
8 Maple St.,
Ajax, Ontario,
L1S 1V6

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