Sound System Boards 


Note: this product is designed for 12 volt battery power or 11.1 volt Li-Po, 

Although it will work with as little as 6 volts, 

output power will be much reduced and distortion will be increased  



A 4 channel audio mixer combined with a 6 watt amplifier on one board. Mix sounds from up to 4 sources. It is equipped with separate volume controls for each channel and screw terminals for easy, no-soldering connection. A full range speaker is also included.

View the Mixer-Amplifier User Manual.

Mixer-Amplifier Specifications

This full range speaker is included.

Speaker Specifications

Typical Mixer-Amp Application

This example is for a harbor cruise party boat. 3 sound sources, engine, horn and MP3 music player are mixed together and all come through the same speaker. 

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