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New! - Fire Hydrants in Z, N, TT and HO scales

N Scale Version

The Proto-type


The B-62-B-5 fire hydrant is manufactured by the American Cast Iron Pipe Company. This design was introduced in 1962 and  has been in production for more than 50 years. These models are sold unpainted in packs of 20.

Download the PDF Instruction Sheet for the B-62-B-5 Hydrant

Photos of Painted Hydrants:

New! - Canadian National Railways Brookfield Station in N and Z Scales

The Station in 2017 as a Museum

Kit Contents - N Scale




This kit is a replica of the CNR station in Brookfield, Nova Scotia. The station was built in 1938 and still stands today. It has been moved from it's original site to a nearby small park where it serves as a museum.

The kit includes 2 3D printed parts, the roof and the lower part. It is made using black plastic which is opaque so that light does not bleed through the walls if it has a lighted interior. The kit features a holder built into the roof which fits our IL1 printed circuit board for interior lighting. It also features a wiring conduit to hide the electrical wiring. For more information on our lighting products click here. Also included laser printed roofing and signs.

Download the PDF Instruction Sheet for the Brookfield Station 

Photos of Finished Kit in Z-Scale with Interior Lighting:

Large Relay Cabinet in Z, N, TT & HO Scales

The Prototype

N-scale kit shown


A typical relay cabinet of the type found along Eastern Canadian railroads in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The prototype dimensions are 92 inches wide by 90 inches deep with an overall height of 120 inches including the legs.

The kit includes 2 3D printed parts, the roof and the lower part. The  Z scale package contains 2 complete relay cabinets, the N, TT and HO scale packages only one cabinet.

Download the PDF Instruction Sheet for the Relay Cabinet 

Photos of Finished Kit in N-Scale:



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