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IL-1 and IL-2 - Interior Lighting for Model Railroad Buildings



The IL-1 uses a white LED to provide interior lighting for model railroad buildings. It requires a 5 volt DC power source for operation. Current draw is 3 milliamps. The IL-2 is identical to the IL-1 except the wire leads are longer. The VRR5 or the ADAPT5 are recommended power sources. 

IL-1 & IL-2 Specifications -

Input voltage range: 3.3 to 5 volts DC (requires 5 volts for full brightness).

Current drain: 3 milliamps


.22" x .2"

6 mm x 5 mm

Wire Lead Lengths:  IL-1 = 8" (20 cm)  -   IL-2 = 16" (40 cm) 

For more information: download the PDF Instruction Sheet for the IL-1 & IL-2

Photo of the IL-1 installed in our Brookfield Station Building:

VRR5 Rectifier and Voltage Regulator



The VRR-5 is a rectifier plus voltage regulator with a fixed 5 volt DC output to supply power for lighting model railroad buildings. It can be powered by either AC, DC or DCC input power. The VRR-5 can deliver up to 1 amp of output current. It is equipped with screw terminals for easy, no-soldering connection. 

Since the VRR-5 is a equipped with an input rectifier it can be powered from any AC or DC power source between 6 volts to 25 volts. This source could be the 19 VAC output on the MRC powerpacks, the track power on a DCC system or “wall-wart” type power adapter. 

The VRR-5 is perfect for powering our IL-1 (or IL-2) building illumination boards.

VRR-5 Specifications -

Input voltage range: 6 to 25 volts AC or DC.

Output voltage 5 volts (+ or - 5%):

Output current: Up to 1 amp.

Short-Circuit current limited to 1.6 amps

One year limited warranty.


1.4" x 1.32" x 0.5"

35mm x 33 mm x 8 mm.

Download the PDF Instruction Sheet for VRR5

5 Volt Adapter for IL1 & 2



This adapter is an ideal input power source for the IL1 & 2. For North American use only. UL approved for US and Canada.

ADAPT5 Specifications -

Output voltage: 5 Volts DC

Max. current output: 1 amp

Cord Length: 54" (1.4 meters)  



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