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No. 1 - Measuring Motor Current

Making accurate measurements of the current drain for marine motors is the subject of Tech Tip #1. A lot of hobbyist are baffled by the results they get when they attempt this kind of measurement. In this Tech Tip I explain why such measurements often fail to give accurate results.

No. 2 - Decoding Motor Part Numbers

The subject for this tech tip is how to decode manufacturer part numbers for two popular brands of hobby motors, Mabuchi and Pittman.

No. 3 - Marx Motor Data

In Tech Tip #3 we provide manufacturers data for Marx brand motors such as the Monoperm and Decaperm. We also recommend controls for use with these motors.

No. 4 - Minimizing Radio Frequency Interference

Tech Tip #4 suggests some ways of keeping your receiver happy .

No. 5 - Modifying the Skysport 4 Transmitter

If you are using channel 3 of the Skysport system with an Original or Tiny Smartcontrol you will want to read this one.

No. 6 - Using Crimp Connectors 

Helpful tips on how to make reliable crimp connections.

No. 7 - Smartcontrol Circuit Protection Features 

About the current limiting and input fuse on the Smartcontrol.

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