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Smartcontrol Model #

Tiny Smartcontrol Mk2 is a state-of-the-art electronic brushed motor speed control intended for radio controlled models. The Mk2 is designed around a microcontroller, which give it some unique capabilities.
The Mk2 is equipped with both an input fuse and current limiting circuit to prevent damage to the control and your motor. Four different current limits are available, as described below. Standard on the Mk2 is the accessory switch. These controls are designed to operate for an unlimited time without overheating. The controls can be purchased with or without the plastic case.

To view the SCT Mk2 online user's manual, click here

The SCT Mk2 is compatible with the 2.4GHz Spektrum RC System. 

Current Limiting

Smartcontrol features automatic current limiting which protects your motor in case of stalled motor and also protects the control in case of a short in the wiring. Once the current reaches the limit current (shown in the specs. below) the control will automatically shut down. The user must move the stick on the transmitter to the center (off) position to restart the control. The current limiting has a start-up delay period of 1/10 of a second. During the first 1/10 of a second after moving the stick from the off position the current limiting will not activate. This allows for high current surges when the motor is starting.

Input Fuse

Tiny Smartcontrol is equipped with a 10 amp automotive type mini-blade fuse. The fuse is intended to protect the unit from a polarity reversal on the battery power wires and shorts caused by water immersion. Replacement fuses can be purchased from most automobile supply stores. 

Click  here for more about protection features.

The Diagnostic Light Emitting Diode (LED)

The LED provides the user with a visual indication of the state of the Smartcontrol. This is useful when adjusting the unit and also for troubleshooting problems in your R/C system. It is capable of displaying 3 different colors.

SCT Mk2 features;

SCT Mk2 Specifications

SCT Options

Futaba Connectors


SCT Option

The standard receiver connector is similar to the Hitec "D" style connector (shown above on the left). These connectors will plug into just about any type of receiver, but lack the key tab found on Futaba connectors. The genuine Futaba connector is available as an option on the Smartcontrol for a slightly higher price.


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